One Direction Top The #Beatles & Led Zeppelin On Music #TShirt List. Wow.

One Direction better than Beatles: unbelievable

Sign of the times…

There is only One Direction today, it seems.

The One Direction boys have sold out gigs, flogged millions of records and occupied spectacular amounts of column inches – so it’s no surprise that their range of branded T-shirts are the best-sellers on the high street.

HMV have revealed that the British boyband are the biggest draw in terms of the music-based clothing that they stock, outselling all the much-loved legends from years gone by.

But, despite the pop act’s phenomenal popularity, the rest of the best-seller list is dominated by enduring rock acts.

Black Sabbath are the best-selling vintage band on offer at the store, with two different designs for Led Zeppelin in second and third places.

The Beatles also edge into the Top 10 in ninth spot, with a t-shirt design that features their famous Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band artwork.

Spokesman Gennaro Castaldo commented: “Some performers can quickly come and go with the trends, but one genre that has an enduring appeal and seems to remain eternally popular with fans is classic rock and metal.

“Along with the baby boomers who grew up with their music, a new generation of fans are increasingly into them as well, in part out of a recognition that many of the featured T-shirt images now rank as design classics that not only look great but have a real authenticity about them.”

We wonder if the One Direction designs will have the same popularity in a few decades’ time?


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